Objects should not touch us

    I was unable.

    I stayed bent down for a second, I read “Dictation: The White Owl,” then I straightened up,

    empty-handed. I am no longer free,

    I can no longer do what I will.

    Objects should not


    because they are not alive. You use

    them, put them back in place, you

    live among them: they are useful, nothing more. But they touch me, it is unbearable. I am afraid of

    being in contact with them as though they were living beasts.

    Now I see: I recall better what I felt the other day

    at the seashore when I held the pebble. It was a

    sort of sweetish sickness. How unpleasant it was! It came from the stone, I’m sure of it, it passed from

    the stone to my hand. Yes, that’s it, that’s just it—a sort of nausea in the hands.

FW224_2008_04                                                                                                                    photo by Francesca Woodman

She suffers as a miser. She must be miserly with her pleasures, as well. I wonder if sometimes
she doesn’t wish she were free of this monotonous sorrow, of these mutterings which start as soon as
she stops singing, if she doesn’t wish to suffer once and for all, to drown herself in despair. In any
case, it would be impossible for her: she is bound
Jean Paul Sartre ‘Nausea’

One thought on “Objects should not touch us

  1. At some point we will all become objects, but until then we will be human beings, giving affection or mechanically touching each other. Who knows, maybe the things we touch now were alive at some point in the past

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