(c) Ana R.

„This action that I foresee
has nothing to do with melodrama.
It is that life as lived by me now
is a series of exceptions…
I was (am?) not unique but special.
This is why I was an artist….
I was inventing a language for people to see
the everyday things that I also see… and show them something different.
Nothing to do
with not being able „to take it“ in the big city
or w/ self doubt or because my heart is gone.
And not to teach people a lesson.
Simply the other side.“

Povredio me je napeti
tek preobražene veštine
povlačenja u sebe
povredio me je
zalazak sunca
i povredila su me
oštra stopala vetra.

Nisu me ranile
ni reči
ni bolesno vreme,
nisu me bolele
koje su se same služile noževima.

Povredio me je
odnos ljudi prema boji,
odnos ljudi prema oblicima.
Povredila me je nesaosećajnost
prema vodi.
Povredile su me uvrede nebu,
uvrede saosećajnosti,
uvrede čovečanstvu.
Istrošilo me je nadanje
da me naredni put niko
neće povrediti.


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